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Frequently Asked Questions

Strip of Gravel

Q: What size gravel do I need?

A: We mainly supply 10mm gravel and 20mm gravel. 20mm is more popular for driveways as it won't get caught in car tyres. 10mm is easier to walk on so preferred for footpaths.

Q: How deep should my sub base be?

A: Depending on your project; for light usage such as patios and walking areas around 75/100mm. A heavier use such as driveways will require a deeper sub base of around 125/150mm. These depths are to be taken as a guide only as different ground types will play a factor.

Q: How much aggregate do I need?

A: Work out the volume in cubic metres by multiplying the length x width x height. When working the depth, don't forget an inch is 0.025 in metres. Use our calculator or contact us for a quote.

Q: How do I make concrete?

A: For a cubic metre of concrete you will need approximately two tons of 20mm Ballast/Aggregate and ten bags of general purpose cement. Add water to get the correct consistency.

Q: Are your materials supplied in bags?

A: No, our materials are supplied loose, not in bags. Always check guaranteed weights when buying materials in bags.

Q: How are deliveries made?

A: All deliveries are made by tipping vehicle. We have various size vehicles available depending on the quantity ordered. Drivers will endeavour to unload where requested as long as it's safe to do so.

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