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You can find below some of our popular products, in stock ready for free next day delivery.

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building sand.jpg

Building Sand

Fine soft sand. Ideal for mortar mixes in brickwork as leaves a smooth finish. Always sourced from the same quarry to ensure consistency.

sharp sand.jpg

Sharp Sand

0/4mm washed concreting sand. Used for floor screeds, bedding in slabs, block paving etc. Quarried sand, not recycled.

20mm all in ballast.jpg

20mm All in Ballast

Concreting sand and gravel mix. Used with cement for producing concrete.

type 1 mot.jpg

Type 1 / MOT

Granular sub-base material. Crushed rock, usually granite or limestone. Typically 40mm to dust. Meets clause 803 of the Department for Transport specification for Highway works. Perfect base material for driveways and patio areas.

10mm shingle.jpg

10mm Shingle

4/10mm graded gravel. Great for footpaths. Used for pipe bedding also. Can be used on driveways.

20mm shingle.jpg

20mm Shingle

10/20mm graded gravel. Popular for driveways, car parks and landscaping.

crushed concrete.jpg

Crushed Concrete

70mm down crushed demolition waste including bricks, concrete, tiles etc. Ideal for backfills, over sites and roadways etc.

screened topsoil.jpg

Screened Topsoil

Sieved at 20mm. Sandy loam soil with little clay content. Suitable for general landscaping, raised beds, borders, planting and turfing.



Screened to 10mm. A great soil improver. Can be pre-blended with our screened topsoil if required.

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